Accurate Meter Readings and Adequate Blood Samples

Tips for Accurate Meter Readings:

  1. Always wash hands before monitoring to avoid contamination from lotions, residues from fruits or other sugary foods
  2. Dry hands thoroughly to avoid diluting the blood sample
  3. Set correct code or add new code key on meters requiring coding
  4. Make sure the strips are not expired
  5. Use the correct test strips for the meter
  6. Upgrade meters every 2 years
  7.  Store supplies and meter in cool, dry place
  8. Use adequate blood sample

Tips to get an Adequate Blood Sample:

  1. Hang your hand down below your waist for a few seconds
  2. Rub your hands together to increase blood flow
  3. Use warm water when washing your hands
  4. Use a “milking” motion – squeeze the finger close to your hand and move outward toward the tip of the finger
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