National Nutrition Month — Grocery Store Guide

Healthy Eating Begins at the Grocery Store

The average American visits the grocery store at least twice a week, yet frequently feels there is never anything to eat at home. Since most people have little time to spend at the store, the following tips should help with trips to the supermarket. Eating healthy starts with shopping healthy! Remember, if you don’t buy healthy foods….you won’t eat healthy foods!

  • Plan Ahead
    Planning meals for the week ahead of time will make grocery shopping a faster and healthier experience. Stick to your list in the store rather than coming up with ideas as you shop.
  • Shop the Perimeter
    The best choices are located around the store rather than in the center aisles. The foods found on the perimeter are typically the most fresh.
  • Don’t Shop Hungry
    Grocery shopping while hungry increases the temptation to purchase foods you might normally be able to resist. If you can’t shop right after a meal, be sure to have a snack before heading to the grocery store.
  • Compare, Compare, Compare
    The labeling of many food products can not only be confusing, but also deceiving at times. If you find a product claiming to be reduced, compare it to the original version first. Many times there is little or no benefit to such products.
  • Be Smart
    Remember that grocery stores are mostly concerned with selling foods to the consumer rather than nutrition. Do not be easily influenced by specials and creative labeling. Stick to your list and make smart, healthy decisions.
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