Increasing Your Physical Activity

Physical activity promotes stress reduction, lowers blood glucose and blood pressure, assists with weight loss, improves energy, decreases insulin resistance and improves sleep.   Remember that having a busy lifestyle does not mean that we are physically active.

You can start by slowly increasing the physical activity in your daily routine and avoid exercise barriers which might include;  lack of time, too tired from work, afraid of having low blood glucose, too hot outside and or lack of money to join a gym or fitness center.  Keep in mind that every step counts; set your goal at 30 min of activity per day or track your steps by using a pedometer and strive to achieve 10,000 steps per day.    If you are too tired after work set your goal to work out in the morning before work or during lunch.  If you are worried about low blood glucose during exercise, visit with your doctor and or diabetes educator about ways to avoid lows during increased activity.

Finally, remember that you do not have to join a gym or fitness center to increase your daily activity.  Walking outside if the weather permits and/or in a school or shopping center can be great places to start.  Stay focused on the overall goal along with the benefits of increased physical activity and choose a plan that will work best for you and your schedule.

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